Recyclean®, the Eiffage Route process that allows the reprocessing of polluted road surfaces, selected for the Green Solutions Awards

Recyclean®, the Eiffage Route process that allows the reprocessing of polluted road surfaces, selected for the Green Solutions Awards

This solution makes it possible to re-use the materials and therefore avoid generating hazardous waste and related landfill costs. The prospective market is considerable, since all road surfaces previously treated with bitumen are potentially concerned.

A pioneer in the development of specific processes for in-place road surface reprocessing, Eiffage Route is intensifying its research in this area. Economical in both its use of materials and transportation, in-place reprocessing makes it possible to carry out the works while ensuring people and the natural environment are protected.

Eiffage Route has developed an exclusive process for reprocessing polluted roads, called Recyclean®, which has been selected for the Green Solutions Awards 2018 organized by Construction 21. It uses an encapsulating process under wet protection, which allows high quantities of road surfacing materials containing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) to be re-used, thanks to exclusive equipment - ARC® (from the French for road resurfacing unit) and ARM® (from the French for mobile resurfacing unit) - developed by the Group and specially adapted to ensure the protection of employees and local residents during the works phase.

A 2015 winner of the Public Works Awards (Trophées des TP) and Road Innovation Committee Awards (Trophées du CIRR), in August 2017, Recyclean® was tested by the Seine-et-Marne local authority during maintenance works on a 1 km stretch of its road network.

Until now, for the purposes of road maintenance operations, any road surfacing materials containing significant amounts of PAHs (> 1,000 mg / kg) were subject to hazardous waste disposal at designated sites (ISDD). Not only is this disposal process costly for project owners, it also poses problems in terms of capacity because there are only 16 designated ISDD sites in France.

In addition, the Recyclean® process uses the PAH-containing materials to resurface road networks, with no need for new materials. Recyclean® makes it possible to create a road surface sub-layer made of 100% recycled materials. This avoids the need for hazardous waste storage.

The solution is interesting for project owners in terms of economic, public health and environmental benefits. From a public health point of view, Recyclean® allows cold recycling, which greatly reduces PAH gas emissions. In addition, wet protection using water mist avoids dust becoming airborne. Olfactory nuisances are therefore greatly reduced.

From an environmental point of view, the materials are reprocessed in a way that encapsulates pollutants, making it possible to protect against the subsequent risk of pollution for surrounding areas and underlying materials. Traceability of the materials is ensured, given that they remain on site. No new materials are required, resulting in savings in natural aggregate resources and reduced transportation requirements. The surrounding road network is protected and the nuisance level for local residents is reduced.

Test follow-ups are planned in several phases over a period of two years. If the benefits are confirmed, Recyclean® will offer a real alternative to hazardous waste disposal for polluted road surfacing materials and could be deployed more widely on national road networks.
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