Eiffage Foundation: Supporting our first project in Benin

Eiffage Foundation: Supporting our first project in Benin

“Électriciens sans frontières” is installing electricity in 17 villages in south Benin, with the support of the Eiffage Foundation. The project will help to improve access to education and develop local economic activity.

“Électriciens Sans Frontières” is an NGO that works in 30 different countries to provide people living in poverty in rural areas with access to electricity and water. One of its strengths lies in the 1,200 volunteers based in 14 delegations located all over France, who carry out the projects.

The association received a request locally to install electricity in 17 isolated villages in the Vekky district (So Ava region), in south Benin. The project includes installing electricity in primary schools and a secondary school, to improve access to classrooms for students and teachers and make it possible to provide adult literacy classes. Six battery charging stations will generate revenue to ensure the economic sustainability of the project and allow the creation of seven local jobs.
The Eiffage Foundation is helping to buy photovoltaic and electrical equipment for the first stage of the works.

Florent Carraro, a retired agency manager at Clemessy Mulhouse, is working as a volunteer project manager for the association on this project in Benin. Paul H. Assogba, agency manager at RMT Benin, is supporting the project locally.
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