Road safety : Eiffage Group's four branches in the west of France launch a common action plan

Road safety : Eiffage Group's four branches in the west of France launch a common action plan

A number of agency directors from Eiffage's four branches in western France took part in signing the 7 Commitments for safer roads to mark their adhesion to the project. This highly symbolic event prefigures the Group's road safety awareness-raising actions to come.

Before the ceremony held on 17 May 2018, OSH experts from Eiffage Group's four branches were involved in preparing promotional and communication kits. The first is composed of videos, a short film, advice sheets, testimonies, etc. The second includes a poster and a flyer. These packages are available to companies on the website
These tools customized in Eiffage's colours enabled "chats" (or 15-minute Safety sessions) to be organized around a quiz about driver "distractors", which include smartphones. The Mode conduite (Driving Mode) app developed by Road Safety was also presented to certain staff members, who were invited to test it.

In June, the 3,500 employees involved in the actions carried out in the west of France will receive a letter presenting the 7 Commitments for safer roads (see opposite). As road safety is a shared responsibility that concerns us all today more than ever, they will also receive the quiz about driver "distractors" to play with their families, and a sticker for their own personal car. Our fleets of company vehicles will also carry stickers, to remind everyone of the Group's commitment.

In addition, to make sure the ceremony of 17 May is really followed up with effective action, eco-driving awareness-raising and training sessions will take place during the second half of 2018, and throughout 2019.
Our staff are too often responsible for - or victims of - serious accidents arising from road traffic offences and disasters. These tragedies should make us aware that the road is there to be shared with others, including our colleagues and families.

Photo credit : © Eiffage