A major in-place recycling project on RD 919 for Eiffage Route

A major in-place recycling project on RD 919 for Eiffage Route

Ariège Departmental Council has entrusted Eiffage Route with an in-place road surface recycling project using the ARM 2500® workshop, between Fossat and d'Artigat. It is an opportunity for the company to invite clients from surrounding departments and urban areas to discover the many advantages of this ground-breaking technique. 

The ARM 2500® developed by Eiffage Route’s teams is a mobile recycling workshop designed for the upkeep of upper road surface layers.  The process involves cold recycling with foamed bitumen or emulsion and hydraulic binder. 

By its very nature, in-place recycling plays a part in environmental development. .It regenerates worn-out subbases and improves their mechanical resistance, providing better sustainability. 

  • ARM 2500® reprocesses in situ, thus limiting the transport of materials and reducing atmospheric pollution. Recycling is an effective means of limiting greenhouse gas emissions. 
  • In-place recycling under traffic considerably reduces inconvenience for road users. 
  • By reclaiming the worn-out pavement’s aggregates and binder, ARM 2500® substantially limits the use of non-renewable resources 

Road surface pavement recycling is an economical road network maintenance technique which reduces overall highway upkeep costs
If you would like more information about this process, please contact our Eiffage Route teams near you, or send us your request by completing the form available on our website : http://www.eiffageinfrastructures.com/en/home/contact.html​