Eiffage's first feedback on the bionic glove

Eiffage's first feedback on the bionic glove

After trials carried out in the second half of 2017, a new prototype was designed with additional sensors, an increase in the power developed by the glove, faster reaction time from the synthetic joints and improved ergonomics. This new glove, named Ironhand®, has now been experimented for several months in real-life work situations. 

"Voluntary master craftsmen have tested the glove in several of the Group's different trades, such as road surface coating, civil engineering and metalwork. The results are very positive in terms of both performance and versatility, since the glove can be used in any workstation" 
Erick Lemonnier, Safety Director - Infrastructure Branch 

Analysis of the experiment is still in progress, but the first results are spectacular, with a 25 to 82% reduction in the effort made by the operator's own hand, according to the work being undertaken. 
Research is in progress to consolidate the analysis of these results and enable the design of new equipment which will compensate for the effort of the whole arm. 
To remind you of the context, Eiffage signed a partnership contract in 2017 with Bioservo Technologies, to develop a robotic glove suitable for the demanding civil engineering environment. This glove initially designed several years ago for the medical field has since been used by NASA astronauts. It is able to increase the hand's natural strength to facilitate daily tasks.