Full-scale test for Hydrotech's shark nets

Full-scale test for Hydrotech's shark nets

On Réunion Island, Eiffage Génie Civil's local subsidiary Hydrotech is one of the three companies which answered the call of the CRA (Regional Shark Risk Centre and Support) to install netting in front of the Saint Alexis Hotel terrace in Boucan-Canot.

Hydrotech's teams are particularly involved in this field and did not hesitate to play the comparative advantages game, suggesting that their nets be trialled in in real-life conditions together with their competitors' products. 
Hydrotech is offering the patented product “Eiffage Reeds” (Les roseaux d'Eiffage). This self-supporting unanchored netting moves with the swell of the waves, without resistance. The netting is connected to a chain, and functions like a reed barrier in rough swell. The material trialled is deployed over a length of 30 m in a shallow area (less than 2 metres in depth) and is to be further improved, with the addition of an air projection system and ultrasound emissions triggered by sonar alerts.
The engineers worked on optimizing their project throughout February. Since then, Nature has been taking its course. After a 6-month trial, the advantages and weaknesses of each system will be examined and the most convincing netting will win the tender. 

In the meantime, we are all getting passionately involved in this innovation race!