Hydrotech's teams in Pointe au Sel saltworks

Hydrotech's teams in Pointe au Sel saltworks

Hydrotech's teams on Reunion Island have been operating on a unique site known as the Pointe au Sel, property of the coastline conservation authority (Conservatoire du littoral).

Hydrotech's assignment was to rehabilitate the seawater pump system so as to supply the artisanal saltworks, as part of the salt production process which is coupled with a museum on the site.

The project involved installing two new pumps immersed in a basin on the seashore and laying 350 metres of parallel high-density polyethylene pipeline (125 mm diameter) including 300 m of buried pipeline and 50 m of cantilevered sections in the creek. 
The operation lasted two months, and was partially financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the coastline conservation authority. 
It should be noted that our teams took special care with environmental conservation on this project. Landscape development and specific phasing of the works were included to ensure the concurrent operation of saltworks and tourism on the site, while supporting the ecosystem.