BSI®: the first choice of ultra-high performance fibred concrete from Montpellier to Marseille

BSI®: the first choice of ultra-high performance fibred concrete from Montpellier to Marseille

Eiffage Génie Civil has delivered 70 panels of white BSI® ultra-high performance synthetic fibred concrete for the Amborella residential complex built by Eiffage Construction for Eiffage Immobilier. These dual-purpose panels will serve as both solar shading and façade decoration.

The city of Montpellier is a pioneer in the deployment of ultra-high performance fibred concrete (BFUP) and has repeatedly used Eiffage's BSI®, for the Mantilla - a combined 32,000 m² real estate programme covered with a lace-patterned skin like a white mineral mantilla - and the Pont de la République bridge.  

The Amborella operation required 70 white BSI® panels to be manufactured in under 4 months. The panels were tested flat under 150 kg before cracking appeared, reaching fracture at 335 kg.  

Our very positive and efficient co-operation with both the client and project manager Architecture Studio deserves a mention!  

Meanwhile, in Marseille, white BSI® sun screens in the form of perforated panels were deployed throughout Smartseille eco-neighbourhood. 

Smartseille is a genuine laboratory of technical, technological and ecological innovation, and a pilot project driven by Eiffage Group in the heart of the Euroméditerrannée eco-city. 

The project carried out here illustrates Eiffage’s expertise in the field of ultra-high performance fibred concrete. Our turnkey service includes advice on the formulation (to harmonize with the Mediterranean style), the choice of synthetic fibres to ensure optimum contact with users, sizing, preliminary studies, construction and monitoring.  

BSI® fibred concrete can be white, grey or coloured, with steel, stainless steel or synthetic fibres, architectural or structural, or both. With its groundbreaking qualities and outstanding performance it qualifies as the building material of tomorrow.  

“For the Government, Smartseille is a case in point which is set to become a showcase of French know-how” claims Secretary of State for Ecological Transition Brune Poirson.  

Smartseille reflects Eiffage Group’s drive to anticipate and orientate our R&D towards a genuinely comprehensive sustainable urban development approach. In the Marseille area, the project is deployed over 2.7 hectares to the north of the city, where it serves as a demonstrator of innovation and know-how, for the benefit of this sustainable Mediterranean city’s users.

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