Eiffage Énergie Systèmes takes part in building a school group in Lyon as part of the Berliet UPP

Eiffage Énergie Systèmes takes part in building a school group in Lyon as part of the Berliet UPP

A brand-new quarter is currently being built on the site of the former Berliet factory in the heart of Lyon's 8th arrondissement. This brownfield site reconversion is part of an urban partnership project (UPP) which includes a 12-class school group complex to be built on 4,000 m2. Our Eiffage ÉnergieThermie Centre-Est teams are fully involved in the project.

Berliet Factory's stone portal is to be integerated into the school building as a link with the site's industrial past. In choosing to make this monument a symbol of the project's sustainable design, the town has shown that it is capable of reinventing the future without wiping out the past altogether. 

Eiffage ÉnergieThermie Centre-Est's teams have been appointed by school complex builders Eiffage Construction-Rhône to handle the building's operation and maintenance. They have been at work from the start of the project, which is currently in the research and study phase, and are to install a photovoltaic facility which will supply the power needed to run the school group (classrooms, canteen etc.).

Eiffage Énergie Systèmes has also committed to bringing the site's energy consumption into line with BEPOS label requirements, thus ensuring that the school is an authentic Positive Energy Building!
After the study phase, which began in June 2017, work is due to start in February 2018 and is scheduled until April 2019, representing 7.5 million euros of total revenue. On completion, the operations teams will take over, since a maintenance contract has already been signed for a 5-year period. This contract includes lift,air-handling plant, heating and plumbing maintenance and green space upkeep, and represents 70,000 euros of annual revenue, totalling 350,000 euros overall. 

Photo credit :  Atelier Roche