Eiffage Foundation: a new roadmap for 2018-2023

Eiffage Foundation: a new roadmap for 2018-2023

Almost ten years after it was created, the Eiffage Foundation is entering a new five-year term with new ambitions.

Develop and extend current partnerships by getting Group employees involved, while at the same time leading a new type of solidarity initiative via a call for projects that rely on crowdfunding: these are the new areas the Eiffage Foundation will be focusing on.
Created in 2008, the Eiffage Foundation, now chaired by Benoît de Ruffray, is entering a new five-year term: 2018-2023. An ideal opportunity to enhance its roadmap!
A review of the first ten years (a little ahead of schedule) is revealing: the Eiffage Foundation rests on a “solid base” and a dense network in France and in the countries where the Group operates, as Benoît de Ruffray explained during the Foundation’s annual seminar on Thursday, 9 November 2017.
In fact, more than 200 projects have received support over the past ten years, thanks to three types of initiative: projects put forward by current or retired Group employees (189 to be exact); larger multi-year projects run by leading associations (11 in total); and specific projects carried out in government-designated priority neighbourhoods as part of the Businesses and Neighbourhoods Charter framework. The guiding principle is always to promote social and professional integration, by providing support for training, employment and access to housing.
More than 220 Eiffage current or retired employees involved in associations on a voluntary basis have lent their support to solidarity projects, which the Eiffage Foundation has supported financially.
We should also mention the employees who mentor young people under the Passport Avenir mentorship programme (more than 50 over the 2017-2018 period), the Group's prevention specialists who took part in the anti-addiction programme run by the Fondation du BTP in the Rhône-Alpes region; other employees committed to good causes include those (more than 200) involved in Crépi initiatives (regional business clubs promoting access to employment).
Given the fact that "business challenges are increasingly human challenges," Benoît de Ruffray wants the Eiffage Foundation to gain momentum by broadening the scope of potential partnerships and developing its existing ones.
"Volunteering professional skills" is being encouraged among employees and managers are asked to "demonstrate flexibility" in this area. As of now, employees can get involved to support jobseekers via the Solidarités Nouvelles Face au Chômage scheme, or to mentor entrepreneurs via the Positive Planet/Entreprendre en Banlieues scheme.
Regional Eiffage delegates, the Group’s regional ambassadors, are invited to get involved by locally recommending relevant solidarity-based community projects – the future key solidarity projects of the Eiffage Foundation.
In addition, Benoît de Ruffray hopes that the Foundation’s prevention initiatives will take over from the curative ones carried out today. It is essential that we focus on initiatives that target education upstream of the company – like those carried out by “second-chance” and apprenticeship schools for example.
At the same time, the Eiffage Foundation is launching an online call for projects, via the Ulule crowdfunding platform (leader in this field), on the theme "Living well together in all places". Selected projects will receive funding from the Eiffage Foundation to top up funds raised from the general public.
To find out more about the call for projects click on:  http://fondationeiffage.ulule.com/

Employees will be asked to choose their favourite project in May 2018.
Contact the team to find out more about the new Eiffage Foundation opportunities: +33 (0)1 71 59 11 18 or click on fondation.entreprise@eiffage.com .