Car share: APRR changes up a gear

Car share: APRR changes up a gear

Seven new short-distance car share routes were launched by the APRR Group last September in partnership with iDVROOM, subsidiary of the SNCF, as well as the very first car share route dedicated to APRR & AREA employees between the major sites of Lyon and Dijon.
With the Lyon/Bourgoin-Jallieu route, trialled since November 2016 and now extended to Grenoble, the APRR offering supported by the POP & VROOM app brings the number of routes served daily on its motorway network to eight. Alexandre Claude, Head of Innovation & Development at APRR, explains.

You launched a trial car share route between Lyon and Bourgoin-Jallieu, near Grenoble in Isère, in November 2016. What results have you drawn after almost a year of operation?
The results are very positive. The route functions as a public transport route with eight stopping points between the two cities. And the POP & VROOM mobile app enables drivers and passengers to connect easily and extremely flexibly.
We have seen dozens of car share trips every month, mainly for commuting purposes. At the end of Spring 2017, some 850 users and more than 1,000 trips were registered. This trial route is clearly ramping up: it both facilitates accessibility to Lyon and Grenoble during peak periods and encourages the use of the car share parking areas bordering the motorway entrances. This is why we’ve extended the route to Grenoble.
Which new car share routes were launched by APRR last 20 September in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and why those choices?
Besides the Lyon/Grenoble route, the six new routes are:

  •         Lyon/Chambéry
  •         Chambéry/Annecy
  •         Chambéry/Grenoble
  •         Monestier-de-Clermont/Grenoble
  •         Valence/Grenoble
  •         Ambérieu-en-Bugey/Lyon

These routes were chosen to provide an alternative to the TER, by ensuring high-availability at peak times and secure access thanks to the car share parking areas. And the prices are attractive compared with the cost of rail passes for the train.
Why has an internal car sharing route recently been launched within the APRR Group between the Lyon-Bron (Rhône) and Dijon-Saint-Apollinaire (Côte-d’Or) sites? How does it work and what were the results expected?
The two Lyon-Bron and Dijon-Saint-Apollinaire sites are where more than a quarter of the APRR and AREA workforce is concentrated. Numerous trips between these two sites are therefore made every day by employees. It was an opportunity to set an example in new mobility, which is the current talking point. Xavier Rigo, Deputy Director-General of the APRR Group, is the biggest fan and never fails to systematically offer his own journeys on the APRR private route!
How it works is simple. After downloading the POP & VROOM app, the driver registers his/her journey times. The person looking to car share registers the route he/she is seeking and is notified as soon as a journey corresponding to his/her departure time comes up. We expect this internal innovation to deliver greater convenience and safety and reduce our carbon footprint.
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