Infrastructures Branch signs a partnership agreement with Bioservo Technologies AB

Infrastructures Branch signs a partnership agreement with Bioservo Technologies AB

This R&D collaboration between Infrastructures Branch and Bioservo, signed today, allows to test Bioservo’s innovative technologies to ensure it is suitable for the demanding construction sector.

Eiffage is impressed by the concept and possibilities offered by Bioservo’s technology and has already placed its first minor order. “We are interested in researching how we can better look after the health of our staff. For us, Bioservo’s SEM™ technology offers a wealth of opportunities. We are looking forward to this partnership as it will help to improve performance and well-being at work,” says Erick Lemonnier, Prevention Director at Eiffage’s Infrastructures division.

The long-term goal is to develop equipment suitable for the construction sector to reduce the impact of the physical pressures which certain tasks can create.

“We are delighted that Eiffage has chosen to test our equipment. We will be able to obtain useful feedback on our products in the construction environment. It also proves that Bioservo is well aware of the accident prevention and safety challenges facing a company like Eiffage,” adds Erik Landgren, CEO at Bioservo Technologies AB.

Bioservo is already working with General Motors and Airbus to develop a robotic glove for industrial use which can strengthen the human hand. The technology is well suited as a solution to avoid the musculoskeletal problems caused by repetitive tasks involving significant muscle contraction.

The Bioservo glove concept gives workers extra strength and endurance to make their daily tasks easier and conserve energy.