Office 365, available now!

Office 365, available now!

Until now, setting up a meeting, securing data, working with colleagues on the same document, having all the information shared between a team available in a couple of clicks, or finding the member of staff within the Group that has the information you’re looking for, was complicated if not impossible.
But that was then.

Office 365 now provides a solution to all these everyday situations, thanks to a range of tools available on computer, smartphone or tablet.

Eiffage is rolling out Office 365 for all employees who have an email address. Because Office 365 will substantially change the way we work, a support system has also been put in place. 

Following a pilot scheme that will take place at the Pierre Berger Campus in Vélizy in May, all employees will be able benefit from these modern, high-performance and easy-to-use tools.
Regional presentations will be offered to help staff become familiar with Office 365. 

Meanwhile, you can get all the information relating to Office 365 at Eiffage on the website:

A dedicated Office 365 team, the IT department (DSI) collaborative office, is also ready to help via the official Yammer group. Don’t hesitate to ask them all your questions!