Chemical cleaning, a new business line for Clemessy Services

Chemical cleaning, a new business line for Clemessy Services

Chemical cleaning is a new solution designed to provide optimum maintenance for industrial plants. The service is available in France but also abroad, having already been offered in Morocco and New Caledonia.

The solution consists of re-circulating or spraying a water solution containing a variety of chemical products in systems prone to scaling, corrosion and the formation of other deposits. Chemical cleaning needs may be wide-ranging, depending on the type of  unwanted contaminant, metallurgy to be treated and facility where the operation is carried out.  
Many industrial plants frequently face a fall in productivity owing to heat exchange loss and material or equipment deterioration caused by scale and other deposits. In extreme cases this can be disruptive to business and lead to a total interruption of production units. The chemical cleaning process thus provides a concrete maintenance solution enabling quick and efficient cleaning, decontamination, neutralization and protection of equipment, thereby restoring it to pristine condition and reducing the risk of production loss.

Clemessy Services has developed stringent procedures for the deployment of chemical cleaning, taking into account a number of criteria and performance issues which are important for the operators. Chemical and contextual surveys are carried out before the operation, to analyze in detail the risks associated with the types of metallurgy and contaminants involved and with co-activity management on the surrounding production site, while seeking to minimize environmental impact. 

The next stage is a hydrodynamics study which, by determining re-circulation or spraying speed, guarantees cleaning solution homogeneity and ensures that the system under treatment is completely filled and emptied. Finally, an accurate analytical follow-up is conducted, to monitor progress and confirm the end of the cleaning process. This protocol also guarantees the safety of the system after treatment. 

LyondellBasell Industries in Berre l’Etang (Bouches du Rhône), Fibre Excellence in south-west France, O.N.E in Morocco and KNS in New Caledonia have already benefitted from Clemessy Services' new expertise. Chemical cleaning is still in its early stages, but it is already enhancing our Energie Branch's specific skills base and opening up promising development potential for Clemessy Services' teams in the months and years ahead. 

Credit: © Clemessy Services