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Success of the capital increase reserved for Eiffage employees



 More than 40,000 employees did subscribe to this operation via the FCPE Eiffage Actionnariat Relais 2017.

The capital increase amounts to 159,952,211.57 euros and leads to the creation of 2,921,501 new shares (equal to 3.07% of the share currently issued), at a price of 54.75 euros per share.

The capital of the company has been increased from 380,329,060 euros to 392,015,064 euros and is now made of 98,003,766 shares of 4 euros of nominal value.

The main details of the operation were the subject of a press release dated 22rd February 2017.

After the operation, the FCPE Eiffage Actionnariat Relais 2017 will hold 2.98% of the capital of the company.


Read the press release