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Eiffage wins a €54 million contract for a conference centre in Metz



Metz Métropole Moselle Congrès (M3Congrès) has awarded Eiffage, through its subsidiary Eiffage Construction, the contract to design, build, operate and maintain the city's new conference facility, known as the Centre de Congrès. The design and construction part of the contract is worth €44 million, with operation and maintenance accounting for the remaining €10 million.

A dedicated Project team has been set up, harnessing synergies between the Eiffage Group's areas of expertise. Led by Eiffage Construction, this team also includes Eiffage Energie and Eiffage Services, which will maintain the building for a period of 25 years.

The total cost-of-ownership (TCO) approach adopted for the project focuses on ambitious energy performance targets and the use of sustainable materials, without compromising on functionality or the user experience. The acoustic, thermal and visual aspects of the building's design will be optimised in line with the requirements of HQE® environmental certification to ensure a high standard of user comfort as well as outstanding environmental performance.

The five-storey development features a ground floor, apron level, two upper levels and a mezzanine. Each floor will be clearly laid out, with perimeter circulations to allow users to take full advantage of the panoramic city views. The Centre de Congrès will house a modular auditorium with capacity for 600 to 1,200 spectators, exhibition areas with space for more than 200 stands, 14 committee rooms for between 25 and 400 people and a restaurant seating 100 diners. It will also be possible to configure the huge main hall with tables seating 1,200 guests.

The building is scheduled to be handed over and opened to the public during the first half of 2018. The majority of the funding for the project is being provided by Ville de Metz, with the remainder supplied by a panel of partners including Metz Métropole, the Moselle Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the French State, Lorraine Regional Council and M3Congrès, which has taken out a loan for the purpose.

Metz has gained in prominence as a result of territorial and administrative reorganisation measures, prompting the city to invest in modern facilities to harness its potential as a centre for conference-related activities. Designed in partnership with Wilmotte & Associés, the 17,500 sq. m Centre de Congrès is to be built in a rapidly-changing area of the city, facing the prestigious Centre Pompidou art museum in the immediate vicinity of the railway station. The new building will enhance the city's cultural offering and economic attractiveness; its status as the meeting point between the contemporary Amphithéâtre district and Metz's historical centre will be reflected in its Jaumont stone façade, a powerful marker of Metz's heritage.


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Futur conference centre in Metz. © Wilmotte et associés.