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Eiffage lays the foundation stone of the “Metz-Congrès Robert Schuman", the Metz Métropole Congress Centre



This Thursday, April 7, 2016, the symbolic, foundation stone for the future Metz Métropole Congress Centre was laid.

Eiffage, through its subsidiary Eiffage Construction, was designated winner of the call for projects of the Metz Métropole Congress Centre back in November 2014. Eiffage Construction, lead company of the design/build/operate/maintain consortium, will perform the work needed to build this 15,300 m2 structure on behalf of M3 Congrès. Other group entities will also play a hand: Eiffage Énergie as co-contractor for the technical lots while Eiffage Services will perform maintenance of the building for 25 years. The deal is valued at some €55 million: €45 million for the design and build, and €10 million for operation and maintenance.



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With a facade in Jaumont limestone, the same ochre-yellow material as Metz Cathedral in particular, the Centre pays tribute to the architectural heritage of the local area. © Wilmotte & Associés.