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Eiffage half-year 2015 results



Consolidated sales came to €6.6bn in the first half of 2015, up 1.4%.

At the Contracting activities, sales decreased by 0.9% in France, but grew by 8.1% outside France. The Construction division recorded a 6.8% decrease in sales, with lower contributions by France (-6.8%) and the rest of Europe (-6.6%). The marketing of new housing units, on the other hand, remained upbeat. The Infrastructures division (formerly the Public Works division) recorded a 3.4% fall in sales. Sales declined by 7.9% in France, particularly in road construction, whereas outside France sales increased by 12.8%, thanks notably to the recovery underway in Spain and to the contributions made by recently acquired companies (ICCI in Canada and Puentes y Torones in Colombia). The Energy division recorded a 14.9% increase in sales in France, fuelled by the ramping up of work done by the division for the BPL project and for the Cestas solar power plant in Gironde, while sales outside France grew by 17.6%.

At the Concessions activities, revenue contributed by APRR was up 2.7%, buoyed by a 2.2% increase in traffic. Overall, this division recorded solid 3.9% growth in revenue.


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