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Eiffage wins Jury First Prize at #HackUrba hackathon



Eiffage won three awards at the #HackUrba hackathon, founded and organised by France’s Ministry of Housing and Sustainable Homes and Ministry of the Environment, Energy and the Sea. This event was held at Le Tank, in Paris, from February 24 to 26. 

The hackathon* aimed to promote the development of tools and services for sustainable construction projects using digital data from the Géoportail urban planning service. About 100 contestants spent 72 hours conceiving, designing and prototyping solutions to facilitate access to new sustainable construction opportunities and requirements and to better inform players in that field.

As well as partnering the event, Eiffage had a team of employees from its sustainable development and cross-disciplinary innovation department, Eiffage Energie Numérique and Eiffage Construction along with developers.

After two and a half days of intensive study fully focused on digital applications for sustainable cities, this team won the attention of the jury, which comprised representatives of government ministries, public organisations and building firms. To solve the problems of urban sprawl and housing shortages, it proposed a tool for the construction of "a city on the city". Tétricité is a web platform enabling property co-owners to calculate the potential of possible elevation of their buildings. This tool estimates the financial gain offered by the project and provides 3D simulations of sustainable construction and real estate programming solutions. It also links up co-owners and real estate developers. This idea and the team’s enthusiasm earned them the following awards:

­ - Jury First Prize, presented by Emmanuelle Cosse, the French Minister of Housing and Sustainable Homes,
­ - the prize awarded by partner FFTB (Fédération Française des Tuiles et Briques: the French tiles and bricks federation),
­ - the prize awarded by IGN (the French national geographic and forestry information institute), qualifying Eiffage directly for the IGNFab call for projects for "the city of tomorrow with focus on mobility and energy"**.

*The #HackUrba hackathon is an innovation weekend event attracting large groups, startups, architects, urban planners, design offices, public and scientific organisations and IT developers with the purpose of conceiving, designing and prototyping digital tools and services in the field of sustainable construction. It is part of the GreenTech initiative launched in February 2016 by Ségolène Royal, who unveiled the scheme’s incubator.

** IGNFab "city of tomorrow": Demographic growth and increasing urbanisation are making it necessary to rethink urban models and design cities for tomorrow. Sustainability, urban consolidation, mobility and the management of public spaces are key points in considering the development of cities. In taking up these challenges, the use of digital tools and data offers an invaluable opportunity to find practical operational solutions based on the creation of new innovative services.


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