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Eiffage board organises the new governance



The Board of Directors paid tribute to Chairman and CEO, Pierre Berger, who died on the night of October 22-23, 2015 and offers its condolences to his family.
Since joining the Group on January 5th 2011 as director and deputy CEO, Pierre Berger has successively held the positions of CEO from 1st July 2011 and then Chairman and CEO from September 10th 2012. His exceptional human and professional qualities were critical for the development of the Group, the increase of its profitability and the progress of Eiffage share price. Pierre Berger was driven by an exceptional energy and a passion for the activities of the Group.
In response to this unforeseeable sudden departure, the Board of Directors – acting on a proposal submitted by the nomination and remuneration committee, which met today – has unanimously adopted the following measures with immediate effect, to ensure a smooth transition and carry on with Pierre Berger’s initiatives.
1. It proceeded with the separation of the functions of chairman and that of chief executive officer.
2. It delegated the chairmanship of the board to Jean-François Roverato until the nomination of a new chairman.
3. After a proposition of Jean-François Roverato and for the same duration, it nominated Max Roche as CEO of Eiffage.
4. It mandated the nomination and remuneration committee, under the chairwomanship of Thérèse Cornil, to find a successor to Pierre Berger, with the objective to conclude by the Board meeting of end of February 2016.