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Eiffage 2014 annual results



2014 group results are again progressing thanks to the efficient execution of ongoing projects and the control of overheads in areas where the fall in volume is significant, in particular in France.
The offerings that bring together the Group branches’ know how (Eiffage integrated offering) provide a noticeable complement of activity. They contribute to the preservation of a high order book.



In 2014, the Group strengthened its financial structure, paving the way for a significant reduction in finance costs in the coming years. While the order book was renewed, increasing by 0.2% to €11.8bn, which is equivalent to 12.2 months of activity at the Contracting divisions, the proportion of which scheduled for completion this year is slightly lower.
Under these conditions, expectations are that sales will decline slightly in 2015 but that that there will be another increase in profit. 


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Detailed presentation Financial Results 2014