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APRR and AREA will invest around EUR500 M over the period 2014-2018



The State and the companies APRR and AREA have signed management contracts (“Contrats de Plan”) covering the period 2014-2018.
The two new contracts, which follow the previous contracts covering the period 2009-2013, provide for total capital expenditure of around EUR500 M, with annual tariff increases, applicable from 2014 to 2018, of 85% of CPI (excl. tobacco) + 0.37% for APRR and 85% of CPI (excl. tobacco) + 0.41% for AREA.

Under these contracts, five main projects will be undertaken: construction of the A89-A6 junction north of Lyon; the first phase of the A43/A41/Chambery high speed urban road interchange upgrade; as well as three widenings, namely of the A6 at Auxerre (southbound), the A71 north of Clermont-Ferrand (northbound), and the A41 north of Annecy (both directions).

Other planned investments will accelerate the development and modernisation of the motorway networks, notably in the areas of the environment and customer services.



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©Jean-Marc Schwartz. Five main projects will be undertaken, among them three widenings.