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Eiffage launches the fourth edition of its Innovation Trophies



Value and reward creativity and innovation, share knowledge and exchange ideas, improve Eiffage services, image and attractiveness : these are the key objectives of the Group Innovation Trophies. The fourth edition of the trophies has just been officially launched.

The Group’s selection committee will meet in October of this year and the jury will meet in November.

The trophies aim to involve all company services - operations, R&D, support functions such as purchasing or sales.... – and all its fields of activity – favouring technical improvement in the field, promotion of R&D, but also preservation of the environment and biodiversity, and the protection of health in the workplace.

Several prizes will be awarded, including a special prize for biodiversity, the core business prize which aims to reward innovations in the field, and the R&D prize which aims to promote research and development projects. The Eiffage Grand Prize will be awarded to broadest and most innovative project.