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The Tamarins road is now open



In short

The Tamarins road on Reunion Island opened to traffic on 23 June 2009. This new highway runs for almost 34 km (21 miles), allowing high-speed travel between Saint-Paul and Étang-Salé and providing a development lifeline for the "Les Hauts" hillside areas between the coast and the highest section of the island, which were previously cut off by Reunion's many ravines.

Eiffage on the project

Eiffage played a major role in this project through Eiffage Travaux Publics and Eiffage Construction Métallique, which, operating in a consortium, carried out more than half of the construction work including earthworks, surfacing and engineering structures.

Positive economic and social spin-offs

Eiffage is understandably proud of its strategy of recruiting and training local staff, thereby contributing to Reunion's economic growth and preserving its identity, while at the same time giving the Group a firm footing on the island. This is reflected in the fact that most workers from the Tamarins project have since moved on to the thermal power station being built by Eiffage Travaux Publics in Port-Est, which is due to begin operating soon.

The Tamarins road