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Second Birth for the Buren Columns



In short

The restoration of the Buren Columns has just been completed, and the renovated work of art was inaugurated on January 8th by Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture, in the presence of Jean-François Roverato.

Professional sponsorship

The Eiffage Foundation has taken part in the restoration of the work, located in the Palais-Royal and first inaugurated in 1986, through a special kind of sponsorship - a "professional" sponsorship since Eiffage directly offered the skills of Forclum's teams instead of just financing the project. Forclum was responsible for renovating the lighting of the columns, which will now fully retrieve their night beauty.

An integration project

The restoration of Daniel Buren's work has also given two youths in professional integration the opportunity to participate for one year in the renovation, along with Forclum's professionals. Both have been hired on an open-ended contract with Forclum at the end of the period. Complete success then for this prestigious project!

The Buren Columns