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Grenoble, a new virtual playground for Phosphore



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Phosphore, the Eiffage R&D laboratory for sustainable development, is entering its fourth phase: after Marseille (Phosphore I and II) and Strasbourg (Phosphore III), Phosphore IV is setting up in Grenoble with the signature on June 9th of a partnership agreement between the Grenoble Alpes Métropole Agglomeration Community “La Metro” and Eiffage, who will fund the project 49% and 51% respectively.


The aim of Phosphore IV is to reflect on the climate, energy and social challenges, mobility issues and urban renewal that lie ahead for “La Metro”. Timescale: 2030. Area: the whole of the Grenoble urban area, 31,000 hectares and a population of 400,000 !


Launched in 2007, Phosphore works to anticipate adaptation of the city to the consequences of climate change. Engineers from all sectors of the Group have been working for over three years on virtual sustainable urban development projects with stringent specifications in terms of energy and water use and carbon emissions.


Phosphore, innovations that are immediately applicable
Phosphore is a powerhouse for innovations, some of which have already been applied by Eiffage in its replies to tender. This is the case for HQVie®, which combines a systematic approach to urban project design with the highest standards of sustainable development. Phosphore also “catalyses” innovations developed by Eiffage R&D teams, who find a field of application equal to their energy.


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Marc Baïetto, President of "La Métro", and Jean-François Roverato, Chairman and Managing Director of Eiffage