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AREA has reduced its carbon footprint with fine grain salt



In short

On Tuesday 27 November 2012, the motorway concession company AREA was awarded the "Industrial Ecology" special prize, as part of the “Business and Environment Awards 2012” organized by the Ministry for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy and the Agency for Environment and Energy Management.


Every winter, AREA uses salt for the preventive and curative treatment of roads. The sodium chloride used in 90% of cases is either applied as rock salt or in the form of brine produced directly at the motorway company’s sites.


To prepare this brine solution, AREA has chosen to replace the rock salt with Tarentaise fine grain salt. By using the residue from a local industrial “process” instead of salt from the Mediterranean, the company has not only reduced its carbon footprint, but has also reduced its operating costs by 80% as well as supply transportation - 19,000 km of truck rotations are now avoided, which represents a decrease in CO² emissions of 17 tons.

Photo caption: From left to right: Gilles Nantet (Nantet Locabenne), Michel Vistorky (AREA), Bruno Gastinne (Métaux Spéciaux). Photo credit: APRR.