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French National Biodiversity Strategy: Eiffage receives recognition for its commitment



Commitments under the French National Biodiversity Strategy undertaken by Eiffage last July, received official recognition on Monday 17 December 2012, from the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy.

The actions described were considered as contributing to the objectives of the French National Biodiversity Strategy for a renewable period of three years. The Eiffage group as a whole, and not just one subsidiary, is entitled to communicate this recognition. A crucial point, given that the twenty-first century will be one of ecological engineering.

The aim of the National Biodiversity Strategy 2011-2020 is to preserve, restore, reinforce and enhance biodiversity, and ensure the sustainable and fair use of resources. This is to be achieved through the implication of all stakeholders and all sectors of activity. It reflects France’s response to its international commitments.

The framework put forward by Eiffage, which involves all branches of the Group and all of its businesses, provides a powerful response to the National Strategy for Biodiversity rules of engagement, and is distinguished by its overall coherence. The Group is committed to being part of a global effort to preserve the eco-system and wishes to implicate and improve awareness among all its employees.

The twenty-eight actions undertaken by Eiffage in favour of biodiversity can be divided into four main operating principles :
• training,
• participating in basic and applied research,
• modifying business practices,
• sharing knowledge.