Eiffage Foundation: focus on student mentoring by Group employees


Eiffage Foundation: focus on student mentoring by Group employees

In partnership with the Article 1 association, Eiffage Foundation offers Eiffage Group employees in France the opportunity to volunteer as a mentor to promising young people from modest backgrounds and promote their academic and professional success.

In partnership with businesses and schools, Article 1 works to support almost 12,000 young people from modest backgrounds every year, helping to foster their successful career choices and studies, and their subsequent professional integration. Nearly 3,000 volunteers from Article 1 partner companies are already involved in mentoring individual students (post-baccalaureate exam) throughout France. Their role is to work with the students to help them develop a professional project, introduce them to the professional environment, help them prepare for oral exams, interviews, etc.

Over the past three years, 75 Eiffage Group employees have taken up this equal opportunities challenge and mentored students in partnership with Article 1.

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