A great Course Eiffage du Viaduc de Millau en Aveyron for the fifth time

A great Course Eiffage du Viaduc de Millau en Aveyron for the fifth time

On Sunday, May 27th 2018, 11,000 athletes tackled the world's highest viaduct during the Course Eiffage du Viaduc de Millau en Aveyron. Representing 49 nationalities, runners flocked from all over the world for this unique race and its highlight, the crossing, in both directions, of the viaduct suspended between heaven and earth, 270 metres above the ground.

The highlights of the race

With its remarkable format and number of participants, in just a decade the Course Eiffage du Viaduc de Millau has become one of France's top ten running events. 
This original race generates enthusiasm among athletes of all levels, spurred on by their curiosity, the unique experience and their love of sport. 
At the 2018 race, organised on Mother's Day, female runners were particularly well represented, accounting for 35% of the competitors. 
Millau came to life for the weekend, organising activities and entertainment throughout the town over the three days. This great sporting event drew almost 50,000 visitors to the region who all enjoyed memorable moments and the festive atmosphere.


The distance and profile of the race, with a 23.7 km route and a 390-metre climb, make it unique. In fact, its originality makes it more than just a race. The event is a time for enjoyment and sharing, in a friendly, festive atmosphere.
The starting signal was given at 9:00 am and the runners departed in eight successive waves, every ten minutes, from Millau city centre. They then had just under four hours to cover the circuit via the Route de Peyre running along the Tarn, before ascending to the Viaduct, by the old access road winding up beneath the structure. After the race, the motorway was re-opened to traffic on time.

Souleymane Cissokho, sponsor of the Course Eiffage du Viaduc de Millau en Aveyron 

A number of athletes have joined Eiffage's teams, including Souleymane Cissokho, sponsor of the race who gave the starting signal. 
Bronze medal winner at the 2016 Rio Olympics and captain of France's Olympic boxing team (known as the "Team Solide"), Souleymane decided to go professional in 2017. Souleymane is engaged in several non-profit organisations and is today an athlete supporting and conveying strong values

A European winner line-up, in the image of EiffageThe Spaniard Camilo Raul Santiago Jimenez finished first in 1:16:56, followed by the French competitor Freddy Guimard in 1:17:37. Henryk Szost from Poland crossed the finishing line in third position after 1:17:45.
The women's line-up was 100% French, with winners Corinne Herbreteau, Lara Ballestra and Béatrice Crivello.

Male winners
1 - Camilo Raul Santiago /1:16:56
2 - Freddy Guimard / 1:17:37
3 - Henryk Szost / 1:17:45

Female winners 
1 - Corinne Herbreteau / 1:32:58
2 - Lara Ballestra /1:42:11
3 - Beatrice Crivello / 1:50:20

The Course Eiffage du Viaduc de Millau en Aveyron was an opportunity for some of these top national athletes to test themselves before the Berlin European Championships in August.

Eiffage runners
Eiffage Male winners
1- Noreddine Khezzane / 1:27:54
2- Brice Bouniot / 1:29:28
3- Guillaume Alfieri / 1:29:43

Eiffage Female winners
1 - Francesca Angileri / 1:53
2 - Laetitia Matarazzo / 1:56:10
3 - Estelle Fournier / 1:57:43

All the results are available on the race website: https://www.course-eiffage-viaducdemillau.org/race-results/