Phosphore is a forward-looking laboratory for sustainable development, with a view to designing and implementing the city of the future.






The project is run in an innovative fashion, taking the form of a submission in response to a virtual invitation to tender for a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) comprising the design and construction, in 2020, of a multimodal transport hub in Marseille. The hub, along with a high-rise office building and its surrounding neighbourhood, will occupy a site totalling 170 hectares that will be home to 32,000 people and host a similar number of jobs.


In addressing this challenge, set in 2020, Phosphore’s engineers have to address strict constraints that drive innovation (punitive carbon tax, dwindling water resources, an increased desire for mobility on the part of residents, widespread integration of telecommunications technologies, etc.). The idea is to make sustainable development an economic necessity to be factored into the research effort.


Phosphore’s teams are broken down into cross-disciplinary working groups, each with a precise research remit. The groups meet at regular intervals in order to coordinate their work and ensure overall cohesiveness across the peri-urban neighbourhood. Outside specialists are frequently called upon to provide a fresh appraisal to the project which is, by its very nature, evolving constantly.



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